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Buildings from Below

Our Mission

 We believe education goes far beyond what is being taught in the classroom. We believe fostering a great network is important for success. Our mission is to enhance the academic experience of students across Quebec by bridging the gap between the classroom and the real-world.

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Stéphane Doueihi

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The Founder

"Back in March 2014 while studying civil engineering, I was very interested in learning more about the different facets of real estate such as investing and development. However, I quickly realized that there weren't real estate courses for me to take, nor industry events to attend, and even less of a student community to join.  The great success of the club over the years clearly demonstrates students' willingness to engage themselves in this industry, one that is omnipresent in our lives yet not fully understood by the average student. With the recent creation of the Jonathan Wener Centre for Real Estate and JMSB's Minor in Real Estate, I am proud that Concordia University can today truly be recognized as Montreal's academic leader in real estate."

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